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                  Detarting power



Concentrated 1 Liter = 10 L of diluted products

Acidic product, It cleans, descales, derust and renovate gelcoat.  It owes its reputation to its immediate effectiveness. Based on phosphoric acid the ecological acid par excellence.

OMEGA eliminates limestone, salt and scale deposits. Its passive power provides protection on stainless steel.

OMEGA was developed according to the new C.E. standards for cleaning products, its use is suitable in many areas such as swimming pool, sanitary, boats, house, …

               Price   Liter 16.00 €  500 ml 9.50 €

  • Application : without any special precautions

OMEGA can be used in phase 2 of teak cleaning.

OMEGA can be diluted between 10 and 25%.

Spray, rub with a brush or sponge, and leave on for 5 to 10 minutes between each application until the tartar is completely removed gone!

Rinse thoroughly until foaming residues are removed. Always apply on a wet surface.

Can be used pure for immediate descaling!

Never let it dry. Not suitable for aluminum, marble and acid sensitive surfaces.

After cleaning and depending on the surface, we recommend a treatment GOLD LINE, DIAMOND,SILVERLINE or GLASS.

  • Important note :

OMEGA cleans without removing protection from PERMANON products previously applied.

Price: 16 € TTC

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