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Anneau de mouillage lesté 8Kg

Combines two functions into one.

Designed to replace the weight of a chain or cable (Kellet). In the event of mooring in a small space (congested mooring or restricted mooring area), the Ultra Marine Anchor Ring ensures greater safety by increasing the weight of the mooring system. By adding that extra weight to the chain, the Ultra Marine Weighted Anchor Ring reduces the boat's swaying surface and produces a cushioning effect, improving comfort when the boat is at anchor by reducing movement.

The Ultra Marine Weighted Anchor Ring is also an important part in the recovery process. This is especially important in situations where it is not possible or best not to go into the water (if the water is cold, the sea is rough or in the presence of dangerous animals). If by bad luck the anchor gets stuck at the bottom, the Ultra Marine Anchor Ring will help you raise it.

Price: 354,53 € TTC

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